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What is the Truth About Animal Testing in Hair and Body Products?

It might surprise you to know that there is the cosmetics industry still hides a dark secret, to this day. Beneath the shiny, perfect façade that the industry promotes, lies a sinister practise of animal testing that takes place across many different brands and products. So, what is the truth about what testing on animals involves? What are the laws about it in Australia? Why it is such a bad practise? This month’s article answers these questions about animal testing and more, so that you can be informed about what really goes into the production of many skin, hair, and body products. Then, keep reading to find out all about cruelty-free alternatives, like the LoveLuvo cruelty free shampoo.

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What is Animal Testing in the Hair and Body Care Industry?

Animal testing refers to the practice of using live animals to test the efficacy and safety of cosmetics such as hair and body care products. There are countless ways that animals can be used for testing, however, all of these have the potential to cause the animal distress and suffering of the physical, or psychological variety.

Why Animal Testing?

Animals are used for testing for two significant reasons. The first is that the animals commonly used for testing are biologically similar to humans. This means that products, from cosmetics to medicines, may be tested on animals to indicate how they may perform and interact with human subjects. As animals like mice and rabbits have the ability to develop many of the same health problems that we are susceptible to, including heart disease and cancers, these animals are able to act as a proxy for humans in the testing process, and show how humans are likely to react to the products being tested.

What is the Animal Testing Landscape in Australia?

Animal testing for cosmetic purposes is banned in Australia thanks to a 2020 ban which means that ‘new ingredients used exclusively in cosmetics that are manufactured in, or imported into Australia cannot use information from animal testing to prove safety.’ This ban is a landmark piece of legislation for Australia; however, it only covers new chemical ingredients.

So what does this mean? Well, it means that existing products that have used or use animal testing will not be disappearing from Australian shelves. Plus, it means that if a chemical ingredient can be used for more than one purpose – for instance, cosmetic and cleaning purposes – then it may be tested on animals, even within Australia.

This is a loophole that animal rights activists and other passionate advocates are still campaigning to close. While the 2020 ban was a historic event, this loophole remains, meaning that our country still condones and participates in animal testing in some circumstances.

Why is Animal Testing Bad?

If you have not looked into the history and current practice of animal testing, then you may simply not know why it is bad. There are many ways that animals can be, and are, used in the testing process within the hair and body care industry. From exposure to chemical ingredients through forced ingestion, inhalation, or injections, to ear notching and tail clipping for identification purposes during testing, the practice of cosmetic animal testing is nothing close to a day spa for animals, in fact, it is the opposite.

The animal testing process is actually a nightmare for the animals – one that involves extreme suffering, pain, and distress – and generally ends in death. Given that there are 20,000 chemical ingredients that have already been tested and found to be safe for human use, we must ask ourselves why we still tolerate animal testing.

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So, What is the Alternative?

That’s a simple question to answer: your alternative to skin, hair, and body products that have been tested on animals is cruelty-free products. There are so many cruelty-free products out there that are just as safe and effective as the ones in your routine at the moment. Rest assured that whatever you are looking for in a product, from efficacy or luxury to affordability or gentleness there is a cruelty-free alternative for you.

You can identify that a product is cruelty free when it states ‘cruelty-free’ on the packaging. Many companies that are committed to animal welfare will display this label prominently and may have a certification from a group such as PETA, or Leaping Bunny. You can also ensure that the product is cruelty free with some simple research if you are at all unsure about the company and where they stand on animal testing.

Are You Interested in Cruelty Free Products?

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