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What are Purpose Driven Brands and Why do They Matter?

The definition of a ‘purpose-driven brand’ is somewhat contested within the business world, with some suggesting that purpose-driven brands are just rehashing and repackaging their mission statement. Others argue that calling one’s brand ‘purpose driven’ is nothing more than a marketing tactic that bolsters their bottom line. Today we will explore some important questions about purpose-driven brands, including where to buy products from some fantastic brands with authentic purposes. Keep reading to find out about products from some of our favourite Australian purpose-driven brands, like the LoveLuvo cruelty free hand wash.

What is a Purpose Driven Brand?

While there is contention about definitions, for the purposes of this article we believe a purpose-driven brand to be one with a clear and authentic purpose to somehow make a difference in the world. This could be an environmental purpose or one that involves striving to empower or uplift people in some way. Such brands do exist, and they are gaining traction and growing in popularity.

Why do Purpose Driven Brands Matter?

Purpose-driven brands are important. Well, most are. The term ‘importance’ means something different to each individual and whether a brand’s purpose is valuable or not is also something personal and variable. It’s true that not all purpose-driven brands are created equal – not every brand’s purpose will be noble or altruistic. That, however, doesn’t mean that purpose-driven brands don’t matter, or that nobility or altruism is a prerequisite for them to matter.

Here at LoveLuvo, we are passionate about those purpose-driven brands that strive to make the world a better place or empower others with their services or products. That’s why we believe that purpose-driven brands matter, and are important to the business world, and to society.

In a market that is so saturated by different choices, with different options at every turn for every product in our lives, purpose-driven brands can be an important point of difference. They can actually help us to make these decisions more easily. If the purpose of a brand aligns with one of our values, opinions, interests, or preferences, it can make choosing such a brand over another option really easy.

These brands matter because they help to give us a way to make our consumer choices mean something, and in some cases, even contribute positively in some way to society.

What are Some of the Purpose Driven Brands we Love?

Bopo Women: Bopo Women seeks to empower women by championing body positivity and providing them with a diverse range of products that will help to nourish their skin, and foster self-love and confidence. Bopo Women believes that by treating your body kindly with their carefully crafted products, you may be able to be kind to yourself and your body too. From body mists and body oils to the Bopo face oil, there is an array of bath, body, and facial products made from natural recipes to choose from.

LoveLuvo: The LoveLuvo range of products was created with the purpose of providing an environmentally conscious and cruelty free alternative to traditional bath and body products. They seek to create a range made from natural ingredients that are paraben and sulphate free, and which are good for those using them. With a full range of products like the LoveLuvo cruelty free hand wash, LoveLuvo provides an opportunity to use sustainable bath products that you can feel good about.

Salus Body: Salus Body strives to bring the transformational, luxurious, and sumptuous experience of the spa into the home. Seeking to make luxe, nourishing, and healing bath and body products accessible for all, Salus is also deeply committed to supporting the community and the environment. Boasting a vast array of products from moisturisers and haircare to soaps and scrubs, the Salus range reflects a commitment to helping you recreate the spa experience in the comfort of your own home.

Sapon Soap: Sapon Soap is committed to producing soap products that are not only made from natural ingredients, sustainably handcrafted, cruelty free, Australian made, but are also microplastic free. Their purpose is to create a beautiful range of products that is sustainable, highly useful, and effective, and does no harm to the environment. In addition, Sapon seeks to support and champion Australian made products and Australian owned businesses. Buying a Sapon bath bomb not only gets you a beautiful, sustainable bath product, but also supports handmade, Aussie products.

Do You Want to Support a Purpose Driven Brand?

That’s where LoveLuvo steps in. We are thrilled to support brands that have a true purpose, and we are stocked to the brim with products from these brands that you will love! If you’ve been inspired and want to support some purpose-driven brands, we have the products for you. From our LoveLuvo cruelty free hand wash to the fantastic Bopo face oil, there are so many options to choose from.

Contact us at 03 9396 1822, come and visit us at our Seddon store, or fill out our online contact form, and we will be happy to get back to you. Alternatively, you can browse our online store from the comfort of your home at any time! 


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