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Social Enterprises: 4 Questions Answered

Have you ever wondered what exactly a social enterprise is? Maybe you’ve heard the term and want to know more about what makes a business one. It might surprise you to know that social enterprises are all around, not only in Melbourne, but across Australia. Keep reading to find out about social enterprises and how you can support them, including LoveLuvo, a Melbourne based retail social enterprise. Here at LoveLuvo we are purveyors of cruelty free skincare and other sustainable products, with asocial purpose at our core.

What is a Social Enterprise?

A social enterprise is a specific type of organisation that operates for one or more of the following reasons:

·      To tackle social problems

·      To improve communities

·      To provide people with access to employment and training

·      To help the environment

This purpose guides all decisions that the business makes and is at the very forefront of everything that the organisation does. The social purpose is the core and the heart of the social enterprise organisation.

What Qualifies as a Social Enterprise?

Official social enterprises can be certified by Social Traders, an official organisation that operates with the goal of promoting and backing the thriving social enterprise sector in Australia.

When a social enterprise is certified by Social Traders, this certification gives all stakeholders (such as customers and employees), confidence that the enterprise has a primary objective of making the world a better place for everyone.

A Social Trader certification lets stakeholders know that a significant percentage of its revenue comes from its commercial trade. In addition, this gives confidence to all involved that there is a continual reinvestment of efforts and resources back into that primary social purpose. According to Social Traders, social enterprises are “businesses like any other, but they exist specifically to make the world a better place.”

How Does LoveLuvo Fit In?

LoveLuvo is a retail social enterprise that was created by WCIG (Westgate Community Initiatives Group Ltd), a registered Australian charity, in 2011. The primary social focus of LoveLuvo is that we aim to provide sustainable and paid employment opportunities for people who experience barriers to employment. LoveLuvo strives to cultivate a supportive workplace, in which our employees can gain new skills, and grow in confidence.

Operating with a deep commitment to community and environment LoveLuvo also aims to make a positive impact to the world around us. This can be seen in our central ethos: The good you do comes back to you.

100% of profits from LoveLuvo come go to funding disability employment, education and training programs to improve lives.

In 2011, LoveLuvo opened as a retail space in order to provide another social enterprise opportunity in Melbourne that would create pathways to employment. One of the first services LoveLuvo focused on refillable products. LoveLuvo was one of the first places in Melbourne to offer this service at the time. As our business has grown, LoveLuvo has evolved to focus on sourcing vegan and cruelty free products from small and local businesses. This is another factor that aligns with our primary social purpose of supporting the local community and the environment. 


Today, LoveLuvo is a thriving store that is jam-packed with sustainable, locally sourced, and fair-trade products that meet three criteria:

·      They benefit the community

·      They benefit the environment

·      They increase the awareness of social enterprise

The products that are sold in the LoveLuvo store share our aim and purpose of creating a positive impact on the environment, the community, and the world in general.

How Can You Support LoveLuvo’s Social Enterprise?

The LoveLuvo store is full of cruelty free, vegan products, and sustainable skincare brands that are perfect for personal and everyday use. Our store is also stocked with beautiful products that make stunning cruelty free gifts.

There are many ways you can support our store and assist in achieving our social goals and purpose, including visiting our Seddon shopfront or shopping at our online store. From cruelty free skincare or sustainable hair products to vegan bath products, there are so many different options in store to suit every taste and preference, whether it is for yourself or as a gift.

One option that our local customers have is to make use of our refill service – of which LoveLuvo has been an innovator in this area and one of the first businesses in Melbourne to offer the service. Using refillable products is an easy swap that you can make to reduce your individual plastic waste and make a hugely positive impact on the environment.

Looking for Cruelty Free Skincare and More?

LoveLuvo is here for all your cruelty free, vegan, and sustainable needs. We are proud to be a Social Traders certified social enterprise and are passionate about making a positive impact on the community, the environment, and our wider world. Whether you need cruelty free skincare, sustainable bath and body products, or eco-friendly gifts, look no further than LoveLuvo!


Come and visit us at our Seddon store, give us a call at 03 9396 1822, or visit us online store any time! Alternatively, you can also fill out us online contact form, and we will be happy to get back to you.