Summer Salt Body Crystal Gua Sha Amethyst

$30.00 $30.00

Level-up your skincare routine! Used in beauty rituals for thousands of years, Gua Sha’s have many benefits for your skin.

·        tones & firms the skin

·        reduces dark circles and puffiness under eyes

·        increases blood flow

·        assists in detoxification

·        reduces puffiness & inflammation

·        brings a natural glow to your complexion

·        tightens the skin and improves elasticity

·        softens the skin

·        promotes lymphatic drainage

The Amethyst stone has many detoxifying skincare benefits. This protective stone will amplify the flow of harmony while relieving stress and promoting relaxation. The Amethyst stone will rid your skin of free radicals and toxins while providing your skin with a clean, refreshed feel and appearance

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