Holy Smoke Eco Incense Signature Range


Holy Smoke Eco Incense is a conscious, eco-friendly range of incense with appealing scents for uplifting, purifying and healing. Designed with high quality plant based ingredients using traditional handmade methods. A safe incense that is free from all toxic substances and packaged in handmade recycled material.

Devotion- Strongly featuring Sandalwood lending support for strength and endurance. Complimented by heavenly Jasmine, an otherworldly scent that benefits both the feminine and masculine energies.

Flow- A subtle yet warm, woody & spicy blend of Vertiver, Rock Moss and Spiked Ginger-lily

Grace- A light nectar rich scent together with the warm woody notes of Himalayan forests.

Gratitude- The strong woody floral note of Halmadi, a beautiful resin is balanced by the crisp freshness of high altitude Himalayan Juniper

Love- Featuring Rose, positively activating the heart, creating opening and acceptance. Sandalwood brings its exceptionally soft and uplifting qualities ushering in connection to spirit

Peace- A smooth crisp scent both citrusy sweet, and grounding with blends of Rose oil and Frankincense resin.

Prayer-  Sweet, earthy and fresh with scents of Rock Moss & Jasmine

Simplicity- A Scent profile of citrus, fresh crisp and potent with Patchouli & Sandalwood

Surrender- A clean, peppery and rounded spicy scent with Sandalwood and Himalayan Angelica

Truth- A crisp floral heady scent with Sweet Flag & Frankincense








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