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Holy Smoke Eco Incense Ruhe Collection


RUHE ~ Soul or Essence
The RUHE range of incenses reflects some of the fundamental stories or expressions of
ourselves. This range brings together 8 of these universal archetypes, innate themes that reflect our
sense of self, designed to embrace, understand and celebrate you or another.

The Alchemist features the revered Frankincense, a warm spicy herbal aroma. Known for its cleansing properties, protective healing and its magical and spiritual powers.

The Artist featuring Amber and Musk, a duo for creativity and inspiration. Plus sensuous Vanilla, Cinnamon for intuitive support and Delicate Rose.

The Lover featuring Rose, gently floral, beautiful and romantic. Supported by Geranium, sensual musk and a touch of grounding Patchouli.

The Nurturer featuring the honeyed, enticing aroma of Vanilla. A wonderful ally for the Nurturer. A welcoming, sweet warmth exuding a deep sense of comfort and safety.

The Poet featuring Sandalwood as the perfect ally. A beautifully creamy soft woody scent. the bringer of peace and positivity. Uplifting the heart and promoting presence.

The Sage features Agarwood, a complex and nuanced scent. Captivating and intriguing, known as the pathway to the deeper self and the doorway to ‘other realms’.

The Wanderer featuring Nag Champa, the exotic scent adopted by the early free-spirited traveller, A blend of Champaca, Bergamot, Lavender and Musk with a Sandalwood base.

The Yogi featuring a blend of Vanilla., Patchouli, Jasmine and Musk with a Sandalwood base.



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