Cleaner Days Laundry Detergent Sheets Fragrance Free 60pcs

$16.95 $16.95

Cleaner days eco-friendly 100% dissolvable sheets offer fantastic cleaning powder.

No more measuring mishaps or bulky detergent bottles. Convenient pre-measured sheets save you time, mess and space – all in an ultra concentrated, compact package.

Featuring biodegradable natural enzymes for stain removal and a coconut based cleanser for all the fresh clean feels.

Suitable for cold, warm and hot water washes.

Cleaner Days fragrance-free laundry sheets are ideal for sensitive skin and noses. However if you’d like to add a scent, simply add a few drops of your favourite essential oil/s onto the sheet directly before adding it to the wash.

How To Use

1 sheet = small load up to 5kg

2 sheets = regular load up to 8kg

3 sheets = large or heavily soiled load

Front loader – fold/tear sheet(s) to fit in your detergent dispenser drawer or place on top of your laundry directly inside the machine.

Top loader – place the sheet(s) on top of your laundry directly inside the machine.

Hand washing – dissolve sheet in water then add to your laundry.

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