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Meet our new team member Jarrod!

💚 Please introduce yourself!
My name is Jarrod Stephen Mosele. I’m deaf with hard hearing, with a prosthetic ear on my right ear. My social life is going to the movies, gym, playing basketball, music and guitar. I’m easy going, active and love to work out at the gym five times a week.

💚 What were you doing before joining LoveLuvo?
My previous job was at the Foodbank Victoria, where I worked as a volunteer for 9 years. There were a few ups and downs during the lockdown period where I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, so I decided to take the next step and get a Certificate 3 in a Business online course. During that time, I also got a cleaning job which was my second time having a paid job.

💚 What made you want to join LoveLuvo?
I wanted to join LoveLuvo to give myself a brand new start. I had been getting help by WCIG to find something fresh and new to start to get back on track after all of the lockdown pressures.

💚 What’s your favourite part about working at LoveLuvo so far?
I’m always up for a challenge for any job, and I’m very relaxed and take a step by step approach. I’ve been loving learning new things in the shop from the back of the shop to the shop floor. I love to get busy for work and training hard in the gym to help boost confidence in the workplace.

💚 What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?
I love going to the gym every day 5x a week. I also love going to the movies and listening to music. I have great taste in music/movies – you can ask me anything about that.

💚 Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
I love to dance and I know every single dance move for each and every song that’s been written for dancing on the dance floor!

Next time you are in Seddon – make sure you pop in and say hi to Jarrod and the team!


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