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Cruelty Free vs. Vegan: 7 Questions Answered

Cruelty free vs. Vegan. You’ve seen and heard this scenario in the media and in the news, and even in the messaging of the skincare industry. However, when it comes to skincare, we don’t need to put these two terms against each other, as they actually have something important in common. This commonality is a desire and a mission to produce a product without impacting animals. Keep reading to find out more about the differences between the terms cruelty free and vegan when it comes to skincare. Plus, find out where to find cruelty free skincare and vegan skincare, so that you can feel good about what you use on your skin, and its impact on animals.

cruelty free skincare

Does Cruelty Free mean the same thing as Vegan?

No, and this is where the beauty and skincare industry can sometimes get it wrong. The terms cruelty free and vegan are often used interchangeably today, when in fact, they do not mean the same thing.


So, what does Cruelty Free mean?

In essence, cruelty free means that a product has been developed without being tested on animals. Wikipedia expands this definition, and states that cruelty free is a term used to describe “products or activities that do not harm or kill animals”. Therefore, as animal testing is generally inherently harmful to animals, any product or service that employs animal testing at any point in its development, cannot be considered cruelty free. It is also important to note that not only the final product is taken into account when it comes to animal testing. For instance, if any individual ingredient that is in the product has been tested on animals, the final product cannot be considered cruelty free. Therefore, when a product is labelled as cruelty free, you can rest assured that neither the finished skincare product nor any of its ingredients have been tested on animals.


And what does Vegan mean?

In contrast, vegan products can be described as those which do not contain any animal products. This means that no animal-derived products or animal by-products are used at any stage of the product development and production. When considering skincare, animal-derived products include ingredients such as gelatine and collagen. Similarly, when it comes to animal by-products, this means ingredients such as milk, honey, or beeswax.


Can a product be Cruelty Free and Vegan?

It is possible for a beauty, cosmetic or skincare product to be both cruelty free and vegan. If this is the case, then the product will state this in clear terms, meaning that somewhere on the product or in the product description, the terms, cruelty free and vegan will both be present.


What is Animal Testing in the Skincare Industry?

Animal testing is a term that refers to the cruel practice of performing procedures on animals which are designed to test the safety of skincare products. Animals are used to determine if products are both environmentally safe, and safe in terms of human health. These procedures inherently have the potential to harm animals physically and psychologically and cause them a huge amount of unnecessary suffering. At the end of the testing experiment, it is routine practice for the animals to be killed.


What is the Alternative to Animal Testing?

The answer is skincare that is cruelty free, or that is both vegan and cruelty free. These products are developed and tested for human and environmental safety, without inflicting harm upon defenceless animals. The sophisticated alternative to animal testing is actually the use of human cells or cell lines to carry out testing on, as well as advanced computer programs which are able to simulate the biology of humans. These measures can replace animals in the testing process.


How can I find Cruelty Free skincare?

That’s easy! You don’t have to look any further than LoveLuvo. We are proud to offer you a wide range of cruelty free skincare that you can feel good about purchasing and using. Take our LoveLuvo range, for instance. From body lotion, to hand and body wash, and even cruelty free shampoo, this range of face, hair, and body products is naturally formulated, made with premium Australian ingredients, and is of course, cruelty free! If it’s vegan skincare that you’re after, then Bopo Women has you covered. This range is vegan and cruelty free and includes a facial cleanser, a facial oil, and a brightening clay mask. You can find more Bopo Women products, and our full range of LoveLuvo products online, or at our Seddon store.


If you’re interested in skincare that is cruelty free, vegan, or natural and sustainable then you can give us a call at 03 9396 1822. You can come and see us at our Seddon store, visit our online store anytime, or alternatively, you can fill out our online contact form. We will be happy to get back to you!


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