Find us at 174 Victoria St, Seddon VIC 3011

About LoveLuvo

LoveLuvo was launched in 2011 as the second social enterprise established by WCIG. Based in Victoria Street, Seddon, LoveLuvo stocks a vast array of locally made, environmentally-friendly products for your home and body. Aside from this lovely aspect of clean shopping, LoveLuvo also exists to provide sustainable employment opportunities to people living with mental illness. 

Our mission at LoveLuvo is to address the barriers to social inclusion experienced by people living with disability. We aim to do this while also offering a unique, high quality service to the community. Ultimately, by providing long term employment opportunities within an adaptable and commercially viable workplace, we are advocating for a society in which workplaces are accessible to people of all abilities.

By supporting LoveLuvo you are giving the gift of independence, engagement and inclusion to someone in your community. LoveLuvo was awarded the 2014 MIRA Award for Most Inclusive Business Practices by the City of Maribyrnong. So, in addition to making you and your home look and smell great, you’re putting your hand in to support this worthy cause for equal opportunities – with no compromises on customer service!