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5 Reasons to Choose Sulphate Free Skincare and Shampoo

If you are a skincare enthusiast, or are passionate about taking care of your skin and hair with the best products, then you might already know to steer clear of sulphates. Skincare and haircare products containing sulphates abound on the shelves of supermarkets and pharmacies, and unless you know about the alternative, then these products might be very tempting. Luckily, that’s where sulphate free skincare comes in – as the eco-friendly alternative with a myriad of benefits. We have rounded up the very best of the benefits of sulphate free shampoo or skincare, plus you can discover where to find these products when you are ready to make the swap.

First Up: What are Sulphates?

In order to understand why sulphate free products are preferable, it’s first important to know what sulphates are and why they are somewhat controversial. Sulphate is a type of salt that is formed by a reaction between sulphuric acid and another chemical. The word sulphate or sulphates is often used as an umbrella term for synthetic based chemicals like sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), and sodium laureth sulphate (SLES).

Mostly used in personal care products like shampoo and skincare in order to create a lather, it is the origin of sulphates that is contentious. These synthetic compounds are produced from plant sources like palm oil, as well as from petroleum, which is why there is concern about the long-term effects of the production of sulphate.

The main risk that has been identified with the use of products containing sulphates is irritation to the eyes, mouth, skin, and lungs. In addition, the effects on skin for those with a sensitive skin type can be worse, sometimes causing acne and clogged pores.

Benefit 1: Sensitive or Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, or skin that is particularly sensitive, then using cleansers or other skin products that contain sulphates may exacerbate these issues. If you are having problems with your current skin cleanser, it may well be sulphates causing the issue. The alternative is sulphate free cleansers, which are formulated with milder ingredients, and also often natural ingredients. These products can cleanse your skin without compromising its integrity in any way. If your skin needs a bit of extra care, gentleness, or hydration, consider getting these benefits from a sulphate free cleanser.

Benefit 2: Acne and Pores

If your skin struggles with acne or perhaps clogged pores, then using sulphate free skincare may be able to help. One of the drawbacks of sulphates is that they can clog or block pores, and so one of the benefits of using a sulphate free product is potentially fewer problems with blackheads or whiteheads. Another benefit is that using sulphate free skin products can re-balance the pH levels of your skin, which, when thrown off, can cause blemishes and breakouts.

Benefit 3: Gentle on the Skin 

Our skin is not only our largest organ but is also extremely delicate, which is why it is so important to be using the right products on it. Unfortunately, common products that contain sulphates such as skin cleansers, can cause dryness and irritation because they strip the natural oils from the skin. On the other hand, sulphate free products can help to balance the skin, maintain its moisture barrier, and prevent dryness.  

Benefits 4: Hair Health

Sulphate free products are not only limited to skincare products like cleansers and body wash; your hair can reap the sulphate free benefits too. Shampoos made without sulphates are better for your hair, particularly if your hair is salon-treated. Traditional shampoos containing sulphates can actually strip the colour from dyed hair, which means that your regular old shampoo could be compromising the time, effort and money put into colouring and styling your hair. Swapping to sulphate free shampoo is better for your hair, especially if it is professionally coloured.

Benefit 5: Better for the Environment

One of the major benefits of using sulphate free shampoo or skincare is that they are better for the environment. As the origins of sulphates lie in products like petroleum and palm oil, their long-term production can have devastating effects on the environment. In addition to this, sulphates have been linked to water pollution, so using a sulphate free alternative is better for the environment all round because they are made of more natural ingredients.

Are You Interested in Sulphate Free Skincare?

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